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Icons by Lily and PK
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13th-Jan-2011 01:08 am(no subject)
musique → sawao/bff
Officially the end of iconsordie. I have no more interest in posting icons, and baka_tenshi has moved to lovetackle

Thanks for being a part of this comm!
11th-Nov-2009 04:28 am - 79 multi-fandom icons
musique → sawao/bff
Subjects: Lee Donghae, Crown J, Fake?, Hikaru Utada, Otsuka Ai, Mika Nakashima, HAM, G-Fabulous, Zhang Li Yin, Airi Suzuki, So-1, SHINee, Eita, Yuzu, the pony, ez hyoung, Lee Hyori, Jay Park, Persona 3, Jaechun, WKUK, Clazziquai, Hirasawa Susumu, Youngsaeng, random
Total: 79

Total Icon Count: 79


Icons Here!Collapse )

Notes: Sorry, I don't have any funny icons this time around. ALSO LOTS AND LOTS OF GIRRRRRLS. And sorry for the overall crap of these, but at least they're still The Best. Why are they the best? Because in my world, I decide what are best and what is not, and I have decreed mine are the greatest. Disagree? Too bad!

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10th-Oct-2009 05:40 pm - I thought this meme was interesting
musique → sawao/bff
♔ your icons through the years
The icon meme where you can show how much you improved as a maker.

Lol in my case, I think I went backwards. Either way, I thought this meme was neat. You can look over my style changes since 2004 as an iconist. I wish I still had my old files from 2003 to show you how far I've come lol.
19th-Sep-2009 04:25 am - Wannabe Icon Post... LOL
musique → sawao/bff
Epik High (Wannabe PV): 62
& Wannabe Gifs: 18

WANNABE WANNABE... but I am not a wannabe iconist. SOMETIMES.Collapse )

and wannabe gifs... which are not very wannabeish tyvm.Collapse )

All right, since this is Epik High's wannabe comeback, I've been iconing and gif'ing like a demon. I GET these icons are shitty. I just wanted to do a simple crop and contrast so I could use them ASAP on LJ. I kind of went along with it even if the PV quality I had was weepingly LQ (19mb. really. REALLY???!)

And unlike what a certain friend says about my aspect ratio being off, IGNORE HIM. KNOW IN YOUR HEART sleepyhead HAS NEVER SCREWED YOU OVER ON BAD ASPECT RATIOS YET.

If you want caps, I have 1700+ of them so just comment and I will add them. You may use gifs for your icons, put them in your userinfo, or to post them in Omona for whatever lulzarious moments. It matters not to me. Hotlinking will only punish LJ, not me.

Anyway, Epik High and I have been on unfriendly terms since Map the Soul, but dammit! These boys were warming my heart with this PV. We may be at a truce.


And since this is Epik fucking High, the usual credit box should be written in approp wannabe gangsta rap.

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31st-Aug-2009 10:15 pm - Birthday Post
musique → sawao/bff
For baka_tenshi. All shareable.

Yamashita Shoon (Johnny Jr.): 05
Yozoh: 03
NEWS: 03
Namie Amuro: 03
SuG (Takeru): 03
Hikaru (Johnny Jr.): 02
Persona 3 (Yukari): 02
Lovely Complex: 02
Joe Inoue: 02
Danson Tang: 01
Super Junior: 01
Golf & Mike (Golf): 01
SNSD (Sunny): 01

happy birthdayCollapse )
25th-Aug-2009 05:09 am - This is some kind of record.
musique → sawao/bff

Aira: 18
Se7en: 16
2PM: 16
Big Bang: 14
Weeaboo Pickup Lines/Koreaboo Pickup Lines: 19
Total Icon Count: 78


Icons Here!Collapse )

This is literally the fastest time I've posted icons because I've felt like it. Idk why I've been in the ~ iconing groove ~ lately, but it'll probably die hardcore once I'm back in school. Expect a JE-ish (gasp) batch within the next two days or so. And for all you fans of PK's iconing style (*crickets chirp*) then go hurrrr and save a spot if you want. Since I'm in such a great iconing mood. Or just give me suggestions of what to icon/what I can improve on/etc. :B

Trying something a bit different with coloring/textures this time around. Sort of feel like I'm jumping on the bandwagon but what the hell, I like these.

Sidenote for the Weeaboo ones: The hiragana symbols in the hiragana alphabet translate to "yu" and "mi" (aka: you and me).
#2) "Tokyo tomete" is a pun in Japanese of "Toki wo tomete" which roughly means "I'll stop time". ...Japanese cities are so hard to pun, don't judge me. Korean cities are out of my league until I learn Korean!

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16th-Aug-2009 09:48 am - gasp! a post?
musique → sawao/bff

Ponyo: 30
SHINee: 19
Outsider: 12
e.via: 11
ava (Lee Jung Hyun): 09
suneohair: 09
Final Fantasy XIII: 08
Up: 08
So Nyeo Shi Dae: 05
Asian Kung-fu Generation: 05
Epik High: 05
Hideki Kaji: 05
Eita: 02
Other: 11 (No More Heroes, Lee Teuk, Seo Taiji, Nell, Inazawa Ahito, Hyun Joong, Yasutaka Nakata, MC Sniper, MC Mong, Perfume, random fat guy)
Total Icon Count: 139


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6th-Jul-2009 06:59 pm - Epik High profile codes
♥ ♥ ai otsuka
Finally I post something. I thought I was going to change usernames to osakalights and then I realized I couldn't really bother with switching names all the time (aka lazyness).

However, I've been trying to come back for some time and none of my own icon batches or other graphics are ready to be posted besides these.

To view them, please click on the small images to see a screencap of how it would look like. Copy and paste the codes from the html boxes underneath and paste them into your profile. Feel free to edit what needs to be edited (the colors of the text, links, title, or even how many boxes you may or not need). I've made one of Mithra Jin and Tablo, together, and I've made a Mithra Jin one. Depending if I feel like up to the challenge, I may make more in the future. (:

To the profiles!Collapse )

    • Do not edit or alter the images.
    • Feel free to edit the hex (color) and table codes how you see fit.
    • Please leave the credit to iconsordie at the bottom.
    • Thanks isn't necessary but it would be nice.

12th-Jun-2009 03:38 am - Battle Icons
musique → sawao/bff

Dong Bang Shin Ki: 46
Eternal Morning (Tablo & Pe2ny): 18
Kangta: 08
SS501 (Young Saeng): 06
Heath Ledger: 06
Ryutarou (Plastic Tree): 06
Lee Minwoo: 04
Hongki and Heechul (F.T Island / Super Junior): 04
MEG: 02
Yozoh: 02
Total Icon Count: 101


Icons Here!Collapse )

This is part one of an EPIK IKON BATTLE against the honorable twomin at valentinestep. Basically we exchanged 15 pictures (30 in total), and we did a crapload of variations out of them. It's already clear who'll win... twomin of course! I just don't go down without a fight... that's all!! Really!! I don't blow that much........ okay so what if I do? BooOooHooOOoHooOoo /flees

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28th-May-2009 02:47 am - multifandom
musique → sawao/bff
Total Icon Count: 168
23 - Kittens/Puppies/Fish
20 - Epik High
15 - immi
14 - DBSK (jaejoong/jaejoong/junsu)
11 - Nell (Jongwan/Jaewon)
11 - Perfume
10 - Wonder Girls (Yoobin)
10 - text stock
08 - Persona 4/Persona 3
05 - Super Junior (Kibum/Yehsung)
05 - Taru
05 - Big Bang
03 - te'
03 - Joe Inoue
03 - 5cm Per Second
03 - Lee Minwoo
02 - Zero Punctuation
02 - Asian Kung-fu Generation
02 - Platonic Chain
02 - Lee Minho
12 - misc. (Ken Ishii, Mot, Pichu, Leo Imai, Moon Hee Jun, Gaspard Ulliel, Younha, WaT, Monster/Dr.Tenma, Bigga Raiji, Stephen Colbert)


TEASER! Icon 043 TEASER! Icon 102 TEASER! Icon 124

no one knows what he's thinking...Collapse )

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